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Our Top 10 Most Popular Topics

  1. Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu itto, kodachi and nito sets (Miyamoto Musashi's school of strategy)
  2. Our recommended reading list with ratings and short reviews
  3. An introduction to Iaido aimed at the prospective student.
  4. A book review featuring drawings of Katori Shinto ryu iaijutsu
  5. History and kata descriptions from Uchida ryu Tanjojutsu (walking stick fighting)
  6. History of Shindo Muso ryu Jodo, kata and techniques of ZNKR Jodo
  7. History and illustrated kata descriptions of Tamiya ryu Iaijutsu
  8. Illustrated explanation of iai katas from Shinkage ryu
  9. Illustrated explanation of Muso Shinden ryu okuden tachiwaza
  10. illustrated explanation of all 12 ZNKR Iaido kata

Our Top 5 most unjustly ignored pages

  1. A script that converts between shaku-sun-bu and the metric system (and now also to inches!)
  2. An illustrated review of Pierre Delorme's books.
  3. Tachi uchi no kurai (Muso jikiden Eishin ryu standing sword practice with partner).
  4. The misunderstood effect of fullers, bloodgooves, hi, ... on the weight and stiffness of swordblades.
  5. The Satsuma Biwa an interview with Ueda Junko.

You may also be interested in my other sites, which include a photo gallery with lots of arms and armour pictures, and the Dragon Preservation Society, dedicated to European martial arts.

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